Auckland’s sizzling Tabasco Sauce girls ‘heat up the game’ at the Eden Park Bledisloe Cup match between NZ & Australia!

The Auckland Tabasco Sauce girls attended the Eden Park Bledisloe Cup Rugby Game between the NZ All Blacks and Australia on Saturday 25th to see if people were interested in ‘heating up their game’ with some Tabasco Sauce samples to take with them into the stadium.

The teams objective was to hunt out the men in the crowds who they could then challenge  by asking if they could brave the hot sauce.

Four of our elite girls attended this experiential event to hand out samples and interact with the crowds. They were dressed in tight fitting, branded t-shirts with jeans and looked ‘made-up’ with dark smoky eyes and red lipstick.

The girls positioned at the prime areas of the Eden Park Stadium, giving specific attention to the closed off roads that the crowds walked along, the perfect setting to capture the 50,000  rugby fans on their way to the game.

The team remained in a group of four for the majority of the event as they found it drew in more attention when they were in a group. Many young men were overly keen to get their photo taken with the Tabasco girls and were more than willing to take the samples – one even ate two sachets in front of them to prove to them how much he liked the sauce!

As the girls handed out the sachets they encouraged people to put the sauce on their burgers, fries and hot dogs during the game to give their food a bit of a ‘kick’ – most men seemed excited by this idea and thanked the girls for the samples.

Across the event, a total of 2,000 sachets of hot Tabasco Sauce were handed out. Over 90% of the people sampled to knew what Tabasco sauce was and were keen fans of the brand.


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