Mahana Red Apples – A Blissful Bite

Freshmax have just completed their in-store campaign for Mahana Red® Apples with us, which are oh so blissful to eat. Mahana Red® apples are grown in a heaven-like place, the idyllic Nelson and Hawkes Bay regions of New Zealand. The name derives from the fruit’s vivid red colour and Mahana means ‘warmth’ in Maori!

Mahana Red® are the best of the best. Extra special care is taken by the Mahana team to ensure they arrive to you in nothing less than divine condition. They are picked at the best time possible, packed with care, delivered to all corners of Aotearoa “our land of the long, white cloud” and beyond.

You can tell a Mahana apple from an ordinary apple from their brilliant red colour and their crisp balance of sweetness and acidity.

This particular sampling campaign was based in Auckland and was well received by shoppers.

Available from April until December in Countdown stores nationwide, delicious Mahana Red® come loose or prepacked in a handy 1kg bag.



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