Masterfoods titillate the taste buds of Kiwi Shoppers with their herbs and spices campaign!

Product Placement are proud to announce that they will now be conducting all the Masterfoods promotional sampling campaigns.

The first campaign to kick-start 2012 is the Masterfoods in-store Seasonings Campaign which has just launched. This nationwide in-store sampling campaign will run from September 11th to September 30th and will include a total of 150 sessions, so be sure to keep your eye out for the Masterfoods sampling stand at your next weekly shop so you can sample the perfectly seasoned steak and kumara that’s up for grabs!

The four seasonings that this campaign will be focusing on will include; Italian Herbs, Tuscan Seasoning, Garlic Salt and Chilli Flakes. Demonstrators will be sampling these four promotional flavours to supermarket shoppers so they can trial the full flavour which is embedded into these seasonings. The demonstrations will show customers a quick and easy way to use their Masterfoods seasonings to their full potential.

It is now two weeks into the campaign and the Tuscan Seasoning has proven to be the most popular flavour, with Garlic Salt following closely behind… so it will be interesting to see which flavour will take first place at the end of the campaign!

Be sure to keep your eye out for the Masterfoods sampling team in your local supermarket so you can treat your taste buds to these delicious seasonings.






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