Slow down ageing with the LIFT VITAMIN-C facial home treatment by Skeyndor

The benefits of Vitamin C for slowing down the ageing process have long been documented and now there is a new facial home treatment that uses the most powerful form of this impressive anti-oxidant.

The LIFT VITAMIN-C facial home treatment kit by Skeyndor is formulated with Nikkol VC-IP, a new generation vitamin C, more effective than other vitamin C derivatives owing to its greater penetration and cell absorption.

Nikkol VC-IP has a penetration and absorption capacity up to seven times greater than pure vitamin C.  Just a 3% dose of this concentrated active ingredient, one of the highest percentages for topical use, produces considerable results after the first few applications.

Skin is left feeling and looking fresher, more radiant and luminous while the Vitamin C plays an important role in forming new collagen and its anti-free radical action protects the skin from UV rays.

The new LIFT VITAMIN-C kit facial home treatment which can be used multiple times, is being offered at a special introductory price of just $219.00 and contains products suitable for all skin types including the:

  • Vitamin C Bright Eyes  15ml  – A refreshing gel containing  1.5% of high absorption Vitamin C. Also enriched with kiwi fruit cells selected for their exceptional content of Vitamin C and Pro-Vitamin A.  Helps to soften, brighten and bring vitality to tired eye contours leaving them refreshed and relaxed.
  • Vitamin C Protective Cream SPF 10 50ml – A daily moisturising cream containing 3% high absorption Vitamin C to help increase collagen production, and add protection to our skin by increasing anti-oxidant reserves. A great cream to help reduce the signs of ageing and premature ageing from external aggressions.
  • Pure Vitamin C Intense Recovery Factor 3      x 12ml ampoules – Each contains 6% pure Vitamin C and natural moisturising      agents.  Acts as a shock treatment      that revitalises the skin in just a few days, helping to restore radiance      and firmness.

The LIFT VITAMIN-C facial home treatment kit by Skeyndor is available from select Beauty Therapists nationwide. For stockists call 0800 842 546 if outside of Auckland.  If in Auckland, call 09 362 0882.


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