Basilur Tea – The finest Ceylon Tea to arrive in New Zealand!

The finest 100% loose leaf Ceylon Tea has arrived in New Zealand offering an unrivalled selection of boutique blends in exquisite and uniquely crafted packaging, making the perfect gift for any tea drinker.

New Basilur Teas use only the highest quality ingredients to produce an exclusive, premium tea product served straight from the lush mountain peaks of Sri Lanka and blended with a stunning variety of natural fruits and herbs.

A delightful and refreshing tea drinking experience, Basilur Teas are packed right where the tea leaves are picked in Sri Lanka guaranteeing a fresh cup of tea in every pack, just days after the tea is harvested.

From plucking to fermenting, tasting and sorting, Basilur have set stringent standards to compete on a par with the best quality tea from all around the world and meaning the product is unsurpassed when it comes to freshness too.

Its custom-made packaging is so beautifully designed that Basilur Tea canisters are collected and treasured and there is a wide variety of collections available to choose from including:

  • The Bouquet Collection: A unique bouquet of fresh Green Teas filled with gentle aromas of flowers and fruits
  • The Magic Fruits Collection: An unmatched combination of natural fruits such as Strawberry & Kiwi; Lemon & Lime; Raspberry & Rosehip; Exotic Fruits
  • The Ceylon Fruits & Flowers Collection: A cleverly designed two-part tea caddie; the top consists of Ceylon tea with colourful petals and slices of fruits and the bottom contains natural Ceylon tea
  • Ceylon – The Island of Tea Collection:  Premium grades of Ceylon tea blended for a tart taste and natural tea aroma
  • The Leaf of Ceylon Collection: Teas from different regions of Sri Lanka
  • The Oriental Collection:  Delicate brews in elegantly designed canisters inspired by the Orient.

Complementing these is also the Festival Collection, themed tea canisters celebrating occasions such as Christmas, New Year and even the seasons of the year.  These cleverly themed tea canisters also boast other features like the ‘Tea Candle Christmas Canister’ which comes with a scented candle at the top of the caddy or the ‘Music Concert Christmas Canister’ which when wound up plays  different Christmas and New Year tunes.

More recently, Basilur Teas’ novelty book-shaped tin caddies, which have been a huge success overseas, won Top 10 most Innovative International Food Product at the prestigious SIAL food industry show in Canada.

Basilur Teas are available from Smith & Caughey, Kirkcaldie & Stains, Arthur Barnett, selected stores nationwide and online at:


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