Stay discreet during your ‘girly time’ of the month!

We’ve all heard about the environmental hazards of flushing pads and tampons down the loo. But what is a girl to do when she gets caught out?

New Discreets Scented Sanitary Disposal Bags are the answer.

Whether you are out and about, on holiday or even at home, if you need to dispose of a tampon, sanitary or incontinence pad in a responsible way, new Discreets provides a convenient, hygienic, no mess solution.

Discreets can be a lifesaver when there isn’t a bin available or ideal to carry sanitary items around in until one can be found. Even when there is a bin on hand, new Discreets are just a more inconspicuous way to dispose of sanitary items especially when at someone else’s home or a public place.

Discreets are coloured black so what’s inside can’t be seen, scented to mask odours until disposed of, leak resistant, waterproof and made from degradable plastic.

What’s more, they come in an attractive box containing 2 discreet feminine purse packs of 12 small bags.

Available from supermarkets nationwide, new Discreets retail for $2.49.





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